Preambule: the terms and conditions on this website are presented in three different languages and may differ due to translation issues. In case of doubt, the German version is regarded the relevant version of this terms and conditions.

  1. A contract between a client and Web'n Run can be concluded in writing or verbally. A contract is valid from the moment the client and Web'n Run agree to have Web'n Run execute a defined activity, or from the moment that both parties declare to have Web'n Run execute hosting and maintenance activities for a defined website.
  2. With concluding a hosting and servicecontract the total amount of a 12-month-period will be charged.
  3. Before starting a new activity on behalve of the client, an estimate will be issued. Based on this estimate, 30% of the amount of the estimate will be charged as deposit prior to starting a new activity. The activites will start after the specified amount has been recieved by Web'n Run.
  4. Cancelling an existing agreement for new activities does not grant the right to be refunded for the already paid depost.
  5. Cancelling an existing hosting and service contract before the end of the 12-month-cycle does not grant the right to be refunded for the already paid deposit.
  6. A hosting and service contract has a life cycle of 12 months. The contract will automatically be renewed if not cancelled before the end of the 12 month cycle.
  7. The base of hosting and service contract is maintaining the functionality of the site as it was delivered. Therefore regular software updates will be conducted. An update means installing pieces of software published by the original developers within the same software version. "The same version" refers to all development steps within a version of Joomla (or Wordpress, or any other software that may be offered by web'n Run in the future), that is marked by a natural number (Joomla 3.0 until Joomla 3.xx, but not an upgrade to Joomla 4.0)
  8. A quotation is valid for a period of 4 weeks. After this period of 4 weeks, Web'n Run considers the quotation as not binding anymore. A new quotation will have to be issued.
  9. If the client fails to meet a payment obligation, Web'n Run may decide to temporarily restrict access to the clients website, even to remove the website alltogether. Web'n Run will not accept any liability of a temporary removal, nor a loss of data.
  10. Orders that require a longer period to complete, or in the event of unexpected delay, or if the completion of the order spans into the next year, Web'n Run reserves the right to split the order into partial orders, and issue one or several invoices over the completed parts of in the quotation described order.
  11. Guarantee: After delivery the client may announce possible mistakes and errors to Web'n Run for a period of 28 days after delivery. Within this this period announced requests for corrections - as long as they are relate to the previosly agreed upon works, will be taken into account for execution within a guarantee arrangement. Requests for corrections and changes that are announced after this period will be  invoiced in any case according to the amount of time necessary to execute them.
  12. Web´n Run may terminate an existing hosting or service agreement unilateral without prior notice and without explanation. Under normal circumstances the agreement will continue running until the end of the current term. In case of force majeure" or "act of God", or pending or foreseeable insolvence, the agreement will be terminated immediately. In this case no refund will be issued.
  13. The client is responsible for the content of the website. The website will be delivered plain, without content. Occasionally some example pages may be set up - this may solely be done for demonstration purpose. Web'n Run may offer to fill in content as an extra service. Extra charges may occur.
  14. In the event of cancelling the contract with Web'n Run, a back up of the site may be ordered. The backup consists of a compressed file containing all files and the database used for the website. For delivring this back up extra charges may apply.
  15. Our servers are run and maintained by They are located in a secure data center in the south of the Netherlands.